Arca Ludum offers an opportunity of visiting hidden worlds of talented and imaginative escape game designers to the enthusiasts of the escape games which are very popular around the world. Many dynamics such as the chance to choose the theme, the originality of the puzzles in the games, the attractiveness of the space where the game was created, and the actors who colored the stories are just a few of the reasons taking attention to escape games in recent years.

Imagine that you are the main protagonist of an adventure, where you sometimes go after a killer, stop a sociopathic scientist who will eventually bring the world to an end in a lab, and sometimes you are expected to defuse a bomb that could have killed hundreds of people. You have team-mates to fight with you on this adventure.

Don't you think it's so exciting and interesting?

These games, as well as satisfying our ego, of course, have touched our minds. And maybe the game also has a sense of curiosity.
Every puzzle you encounter will bring you to the key of the locked object, every key you find will bring you closer to your destination and open the next door. Who knows, maybe when the last lock is unlocked, you'll get enough evidence to put the killer in jail, or you'll be the new victim of that killer for you failed.

We want you to not only enjoy digital games but also enjoy reality. As soon as you encounter a complex problem, we advise you to pursue a strategy that you trust in your own mind and in the capabilities of your team to find the solution, not to seek out your smartphones. So much so that sometimes we not only want you to be in the game but also to build the game with your own hands.

Then we call together Arca Ludum!

The Mask Games