Room Escape Board Game
Room Escape Board Game


Arca Ludum is a portable Room Escape Game playable between 60-90 minutes with 2-8 people.
This easy-to-install game can be purchased in standard board game sizes.
It is an escape game that can be played anywhere you open the box, especially for escape game enthusiasts who are bored of playing tabletop games.
You no longer need to leave your home or office to play.
Thanks to its easy-to-lock system, cabinets and drawers can be used as game objects.
Choose your role! Player, gamemaster or why not both!
Nobody will know where the objects are, except for the person who prepared the game.
Make the most fun of your time not only while playing, but also setting up and managing.
Solving puzzles that require both physical ability and intelligence will be more fun with your friends.
Order the game, let the box delivered to your doorstep.
Open the box, place the puzzles anywhere you desire.

Call your friends, enjoy the game!

Room Escape Board Game
Room Escape Board Game


It takes 60-90 minutes.
It can be played between 2 and 8 people.
Five different games in the first edition.
It is in a portable box that is very lightweight.
Furniture with cover is actually a part of the game.
With the help of the manual and instructions, the game can be set in 10 minutes.


  • You can get individual games. Or you can make a profit by purchasing multiple packages.
    It is preferable that the person who will prepare the game is alone.
  • Once the package has been opened, the necessary objects should be placed in the furniture, such as cupboards, drawers, etc. by the person preparing the game.
  • By following the instructions, these lockers and drawers should be locked with a special lock system.
    In 10 minutes the game becomes playable.
  • Since the person who prepared the game does not see the contents of the puzzle, he can participate in the game. He can also choose to be the game manager by reading the text in which the whole game is written.
  • The person preparing the game can decorate the playground according to her/his wish. Or she/he can decorate the playground with the decorative materials available on our website in accordance with the story.
  • The time starts after the team is ready. The first instruction of the players is read and the game starts.

Have fun!

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